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Over the years, we have become the preferred support providers for major brands, including: Aurizon, Pilbara Iron, UGL, Davey Bickford, Siemens Drives, Department of Defence and Polytronic.

They trust us to service their products, because through our years of experience, we understand the intricacies of the equipment and have the technical data and service manuals sometimes no longer readily available.

Some systems are outdated, but still need to be serviced and maintained or repaired. These old technologies are still critical, especially locomotives, so we need to be innovative and design ways to interface the old and new technologies.

This regularly involves reverse engineering to redesign and retrofit.

“We specialise in Custom Solutions! Perhaps you think your equipment is too Old, Expensive, Weird or Obsolete to repair. We think it is just the type of job we do best!”

Integrating modern and antiquated technologies, means we often need to create customised purpose built circuit boards. We are capable of performing the whole process in-house, from electronic engineering, to board design to production and we know that they will stand up to extreme environments.

Just some of the equipment we can service and repair is:

  • Locomotive vigilance
  • Rectifier panels/relays
  • Automatic voltage field regulators
  • VSD’s
  • Power supplies
  • Encoders
  • PLC’s
  • Interface and integrated PCB’s
  • Inclinometers with display and logger to track data